Hybrid Technology Improves Performance with Acura’s Sport Hybrid SH-AWD System

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With its Sport Hybrid SH-AWD technology already available on three of its models, Acura welcomes the future with open arms.

Sport Hybrid SH-AWD technology is the ultimate in modern powertrains. Ultimately, it provides the perfect combination of power and efficiency, and uses the advantages of both a traditional gas-powered engine and an electric motor to provide all the performance you could ever want without asking the owner to sacrifice fuel economy.

Three Electric Motors Used in Acura’s Sport Hybrid SH-AWD System

While the majority of hybrid models are equipped with an electric motor to support the gasoline engine, the three Acura models offered with Sport Hybrid SH-AWD use three electric motors instead. Two of these are installed at the rear, which allows the torque to be sent directly to the rear wheels.

The Acura Sport Hybrid SH-AWD models are all equipped with all-wheel drive for optimum handling regardless of weather conditions.

For 2017, three Acura models are available with the Sport Hybrid engine. These are the NSX, the RLX and the MDX. Combining performance and fuel economy, these three models represent the culmination of decades of research and development at Acura.

All the Power You Could Ever Want with Acura’s Sport Hybrid Technology

Of all the models available with Sport Hybrid SH-AWD technology, it’s surely the NSX that receives the most attention. As Acura’s flagship, the NSX uses the Sport Hybrid engine to reach an unbelievable 573 horsepower.

The RLX and MDX models are not to be outdone with 377 and 321 horsepower respectively.

Despite the fact that they offer more power than their gas-powered counterparts and most other traditional engines they compete against, Acura Sport Hybrid models are also more fuel-efficient. As we mentioned previously, this is truly the best of two worlds.

Available now at Sherway Acura, Acura’s Sport Hybrid models offer more power, better handling thanks to their all-wheel drive system and optimal fuel economy. These are three great reasons to want to learn more about the Acura’s Hybrid SH-AWD technology.

Come in today and learn more about Acura’s exclusive Sport Hybrid SH-AWD technology!

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